Bubble Town

Fancy a game of bubbles?

Try out the new version of bubbles, Bubble Town. It is an upgraded version of the classic bubbles that many of us once loved. 


Aim the same type and colour of bubble(Borbs) to make matching trios before it reaches the danger level. There are several power ups that you can collect along the way as well as plunger that allows you to take a bubble off the screen and re-aim them elsewhere. When you meet clouds that fogged your view, aim a random bubble at it and you will soon be able to figure out the bubble that was once hidden.  



Well designed with different styles and types of bubbles. But beware that you might be confused on your first try as there are similar colour bubbles yet are of different pattern. The bubbles can make you smile as they wil start looking bored or even fall asleep if you’re taking too long. If that happens, it will take you more than a trio to clear them off the screen, as you will need to wake them up.


If you’re tired of the normal kind of Bubble, which is the straight up version, you’re in for luck. There is also the ball version which depends on the balancing of the ball, mostly the weight you incur to the ball, which will rotate the ball to the direction you want it to be.



A 7/10 for its creativity and design to the previous bubble. The sound effects are pretty good as well, for example, the sound of being tired or being suddenly woken up from a nap. Yet it has some weaknesses especially when it comes to the similarity in colours of the bubles as it really does give certain people headache. Not only that, the screen tends to enter sleeping mode even when the gamer is actively playing. That is an inconvenience as it’ll affect the vision of the gamer, especially when it comes to colours and patterns on the borbs.


It is a simple game that doesn’t need much thinking yet can be challenging at the same time. Feeling bored? Try it out! What’s more, it’s free! You can either play online or download it into your PC.


One Comment Add yours

  1. ivan says:

    i guess you play because the characters are chubby and cute , no other comment

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