Dancing in the moonlight-Toploader

There are songs for every season, but I believe there are songs for every mood and feeling too. Most people listen to emo music when they are down and happy songs when they’re in the mood for partying.

Yet I believe that upbeat, cheerful songs are the best when you’re feeling out of sorts. I won’t claim that sad songs make the situation worse as it makes you feel as if there are people out there who understands your feelings too. 

However, dwelling in those feelings won’t get you far and might at times weigh you down. Therefore, I would like to recommend Dancing in the Moonlight by the Toploader for those who are looking for a song to cheer you up.

It isn’t a bubbly song compared to most music out there, yet it isn’t too lively that the sound of it makes you want to turn it off. It is just upbeat enough to make keep you sane when you’re going crazy, to make you feel alive and revive your mood.

A bit of information to feed the brain:

The cover of this song by Kings Harvest became a global hit for the English alternative rock band from Eastbourne, formed in 1997 (that’s not too long ago!)

The song was played as a wake up call for Daniel M. Tani, an astronaut on a discovery mission headed for the International Space Station, on the early morning of Thursday 24 October 2007.


All in all, I would give this song a rating of 8/10 for its simple lyrics yet impactful tune.

Hope this song will be able to cheer all the sad souls in the world.


One Comment Add yours

  1. ivan says:

    would consider listening to it when i am free 😛

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