The Mom Song



A song that have parts and bits that reminds most of us of our own mothers. Entertaining, just listening to it makes me smile. The singer has a good voice and can definately rap. I’ll probably be out of breath if I try to sing it following the tempo.  Besides that, her intonation is awesome! Good to see mums coming out speaking( or rather singing) their thoughts! A perfect score – 10/10


The song makes me realised how heavy the responsibilities of being a mom, imagine having to order and bark instructions at your kids daily. ‘ A mum’s work never ends’- How true it is! It is also not easy having to deal with the attitude and behaviour of your kids. Although, as a child, we may find it annoying to have our mums nagging at us all the time, every hour or every second, but as the song said ‘You will thank me for the counsel I gave so willingly’. It is definately something we will only start to understand and appreciate as we grow older or when we have our own kids.

In response to some of the comments on youtube:

For those who finds the song annoying or rather their mums annoying, should really take a moment to ponder. Do you think your mum enjoys wasting energy everyday reminding you what to do? I doubt so. Maybe you should try making a pact with your mum, asking her to take a day off, I’m sure she would willingly grab the chance. Do not wait till it is too late before you appreciate and miss being nagged at. If your mum doesn’t love you, she will not bother advising you. That is just my opinion, you are entitled to yours as well. Do feel free to comment.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Holly says:

    hahaha. ohh the amount of times i’ve heard those things!

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