Orange Sky

Something woke you up and you’re not sure what? Try going back to slumberland to catch up with some sleep but you can’t? Well if its on the 23rd September 2009, then don’t worry- you’re not having imsonia.

Try noticing your room. If it has a window with thin curtains-your room is probaby orange. Yes, thats it- ORANGE. Not only that, there’s probably some weird noise outside going wuu wuuu wuuu. But thank God its morning and your’re not worried bout zombies outside your window.  

So what is happening? Is the world ending?!?

According to the the news, Sydney and parts of NSW is shrouded in dust. This also explains the extreme weather yesterday- first it was scorching hot and then it had to rain and left me all drenched. Apparently the dust is acting like a cloud preventing the temperature from dropping.

The dust storms reduces visibility to 2-3 metres far and there were reports regarding hailstones the size of cricket balls smashing windows – shops and cars likewise and even damaging roof tiles. The wind is also blowing in an excess of 100 km/hr causing callouts for fallen trees

This is how it looks like outside my house:



It is indeed a sight and would have been pretty if not for the cause and effect behind it.

Extra news:

There are also earthquakes hitting Melbourne, Indonesia and Fiji.

Main concern:

Will classes be cancelled? =P


-Judy reporting live from Sydney-



8 Comments Add yours

  1. fai says:

    hehe.. quote “main concern : class cancelled?”
    make me laugh. =D

    anyway, its truly something amazing if not for the cause behind the orange sky. not easy get to experience this kind of phenomena. hehe.

    anyway, everything is alrite? nothing bad happened from the earthquake rite. okai, take care ya =)

    1. Judy says:

      Haha…well I guess everyone wanted to avoid the dust and having a reason skip class is always good. Yup it is trully amazing, especially being here to witness it. Yup everything is alright besides the dust and gustful wind. The earthquake did not affect Sydney so all’s well here.

  2. celine says:

    OMG, is everything alright? Safe? Never thought that smtg like that can happen though.
    Btw, nice news repot – post :D:D *two thumbs up*

    1. Judy says:

      Everything is alright, no worries, just mouthful of dust. Yah, I guess this is a one in a blue moon event. Perth not affected? Anyway, thanks =)

  3. KP says:

    Interesting Report i have to said. Although, please stay safe as always ^^ Cheers !!

  4. Tatt says:

    2012 is the year…….
    Treasure every moment we have now……

  5. Flatfoot-Lee says:

    EARTHQUAKES in Melbourne?! I DON’T WANNA DIE!! T.T T.T *sob* *sob*
    And I’m going down there in 2 days. SEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I told you i had a bad feeling…………. =.=”

    Wait… did i tell you i had a bad feeling??? Hm…… Oh well. =D

  6. osq from brisbane says:

    well really bad day hor??? When I came out from engineering building of my uni, me and jian shinn said “Oh my God!!!????”, “Air pollution like Malaysia!!???”

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