The girl that amazed the world at the age of 6- Connie Talbot

Does the name Connie Talbot ring a bell?

I came across a song sang by her after listening to the song Imagine by John Lennon.

I think she did much better with the song compared to John.


So who is this little girl? She looked so familiar that after a bit of clicking around, I recalled.

She’s the little girl that wow-ed the whole world with her singing of Over The Rainbow in the Britain’s Got Talent in 2007. The song that brought tears to many.

Her singing of Ben then got her to the finals.

Although Paul Potts won in the end, Connie Talbot at the age of 6 has captured the attention and heart of million of viewers all over the world. Afterall if the critical Simon Cowell gave the green light, she must have performed extremely well and better than most of the other contestants.

Another song that I think she sang well is Three Little Birds by Bob Marley.

Filmed in Jamaica, the video was a work well done. The song just makes me want to sing along in joy, it is a song that cheers anyone up, especially seeing her bright smile.

Connie Talbot will definately go a long way the music industry. Such talent at such a young age. She even has her own official webpage and her album Over the Rainbow released on October 2008 in the US went straight into the Billboard Heat Seekers Album Chart at No. 7.

All the best to Connie, may you continue to brighten up our lives with your amazing singing, your big smile and humour.


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