…and mouthful of dust

The second dust storm in the week hits eastern NSW and Sydney once again today. It cleared around mid morning and there was a widespread of dust though not as thick as on Wednesday. The visibility improved to 5,000 metres from 500 metres previously, when thick red dust blanketed the city.

All’s well though, besides a mouthful of dust. The Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water predicts Saturday’s air quality to be fair, while health authorities advised people to avoid spending too much time outdoors. Flights at Sydney Airport have not been affected by the dust storm this time.

Effects of the previous dust storm:

1. Strong wind that blew me sideways. For the first time, I was thankful for heavy bags to stabilise myself yet it was still a tough job to walk a in a straight line.

2. Dusty air that caused breathing trouble for many asthmatic patients.

3. For me, it lead to loads of coughing because of the dust that went down my throat.

4. It reminded me of sandboarding where sand was everywhere on my body. The dust was all over, in the ears and hair. But somehow washing off dust is much easier compared to sand.

5. Houses and buildings were covered with orange dust, not only externally but internally as well. Therefore, most people spent Wednesday cleaning up their houses.

6. Reports of flights being cancelled did not tie in with the flights I saw flying over my head to the airport. I guess the visibility problem cleared up and did not cause too much trouble for the pilots.

7. The sky returned to its blue self in the evening.

8. Classes were not cancelled but there was a number of students absent from classes.

9. A handful of people took the precaution of wearing a mask. It was a wise move.

10. My blog set its best record of a 107 viewers on that day alone


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Flatfoot-lee says:

    Damn. Guess i lost the bet. T.T But its a good record though. =D
    Hopefully the storm will not return while im in Sydney.
    See you soon.

  2. Judy says:

    You’re online in Australia? Haha…thanks…Yah I hope it won’t return either…but the weather is rather cold..its 12 degrees yesterday and today. Can’t wait to see you!!!

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