Of old likings and good songs

Instead of having my nose in my accounting textbook, I decided to randomly watch something on youtube and ended up with power rangers. Watched an episode where Zorro and Alpha 5 took their leave and Dimitri took over Jordon. Somehow, this is one series which I seemed to have missed when I was young. Was surprised by blue ranger, he’s just a kid and pink ranger looked strangely familiar.

Seems weird to be suddenly into Power Rangers at this age but truth be told, I’ve always been a fan of power rangers. Used to watch it with my little brother when we were young. Not only that, used to wait for it every Saturday at around 5 pm.

I remembered how much I enjoyed watching it that in secondary school I read up most of the series on their official website. They had a page to page series with pictures in them. It was like watching the show.

Yet, I’ve never been one to announce my childhood likings as it seems weird for a girl to enjoy watching Power Rangers. However, I can proudly say that I am their loyal fan. =)

This is one episode which I personally think is well done in the aspect of fighting and technology for an old series. A good tribute to all red rangers.

Came across 2 good songs as well. Both are really old songs but I couldn’t find official music videos for them. So these will have to do and it does kind of set in the Power Rangers mood:

Eiffel 65 – Blue (Daba De Daba Di)

Please don’t do this- Plain White T’s


I can’t seem to find the official website now but I came across one made by Disney to sell goods and merchandise of Power Rangers. The webpage looks cool and pretty advanced though.

How I really miss the good old days of being a kid without worries and just enjoying Power Rangers weekly. Shh, don’t let Ser Leen hear this, she claims that it’ll make my brain grow backwards now that I’m in uni.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Holly says:

    lol i remember playing power rangers in kindy and everyone would fight to be the pink one lol.

  2. Celine says:

    HEy! I told u not to watch this, it makes ur brain development go backwards, u should trust me :P.

    I rmbr that it was pretty cool to watch when I was little LOL

    1. Judy says:

      Haha..someone saw her name =P Yup, I trust you,only watched for that day… Yah its pretty cool to watch

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