Krezip- Sweet Goodbye


My first encounter with a Dutch band. Nice song with good lyrics. The vocal is good and the song is captivating. A 8/10.

Bits of background information:

1. Formed in 1997, Krezip is a Dutch band from Tilburg.

2. The origin of their name remains unclear, though a popular explanation is that the name is an anagram of “perzik”, the Dutch word for “peach”.

3. Krezip began as a four-piece outfit, consisting of Jacqueline Govaert on vocals, Anne Govaert and Annelies Kuijsters on guitar and Joost van Haaren on bass.

4. They found it difficult to get a fitting permanent drummer. During one of their early shows, Thijs Romeijn was in the audience, and was so impressed by the band’s energy that he approached them after the show to commend them. During the conversation, it turned out that Romeijn was a drummer himself, and he quickly became the band’s permanent drummer.

5. Kuijsters was soon diagnosed as simply not being “made” to play guitar and was moved to a keyboard position instead. Thomas Holthuis filled the empty guitar position.

6. JanPeter Hoekstra replaced Thomas Holthuis in 2003 when Thomas decided to leave the band to live with his girlfriend in Berlin.

7. Eventually, the band decided not to move on with Thijs because he became demotivated and was unable to play the new songs due to lack of practice. The new drummer was Bram van den Berg, who was originally only hired to play on the album, but decided to stay.

8. The band broke up in October 2008 at their peak.

9. Their songs are of the genre pop rock, alternative rock, pop punk and dance rock.

10. Their official website can be found at


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