The annoyer

The answer to someone who annoys is


A nagger is someone who annoys by constantly scolding, complaining, urging or finding fault.

To those who got it right on first thought, hats off to you.

To those who came up with other answers, I’m impressed.

If the first thought was the vowel ‘I’, there’s nothing wrong, you’re not being racist, neither am I.

Bits of information:

A negger is the closest answer as it is someone who annoys by giving you negative reply for seemingly no reason. However comparing the two answers, the one that tends to annoy us on a regular basis are naggers. Anyway a clue would be in the question: someone who annoys.

For those who tried out all the vowels, a nogger would be a nigger who resides in swampy areas located in Mississippi. 

Nugger on the other hand has various defination.It can be a slang term to describe the whites, a human who posseses a head as a dick and a face as an alien vagina, a nigger who commits the act of mugging,  a person who smokes alot of nugs(marijuana), a black man who enjoys his chicken in the form of nugget, a black person without any arms or legs or a male/female from Fiji with sexual attraction to coconut milk. None of the definations seem to be annoying enough to be the answer.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Celine says:

    I was not even close 😦 SAD =C

    1. Judy says:

      You knew the answer, you just bought the wrong vowel…Better luck next time =P

  2. penghooi says:

    why no nuggets? =p

    1. Judy says:

      Lol… the question was N _ G G E R, not N _ G G E T =P

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