After all the two thumb ups reviews, I’ve been patiently waiting for weeks to watch the movie. Finally got my chance yesterday as a self reward for finishing my QMB assignment.


After years of dreaming to go to a Lost Land in South America, Carl Fredrickson finally made it come true at the age of 78 by tying balloons to his house. Little did he know what was in store for him as he was forced to take in Russell, an 8 year old boy, who so happened to be on his front porch, and together they embark on an adventure into the wild.


5/10. The show was a disappointment as it did not live up to my expectations. After hearing so much about the oh -so-good movie of Pixar, I can say it definately lost to animations like Meet The Robinsons or Monsters vs Aliens, just to name a few. Although the animated characters were cute with their round noses and chubby faces, the story was just so-so. I would say it isn’t one movie worth to watch in the cinemas although it can be watched  in 3D.

Lessons and values from the movie:

Never give up on your dreams and ambitions, they will come true one day. All you need is creativity and perseverance.


Anyway watching it in Greater Union means that I am able to keep the 3D glasses, it even came packed.



By the way, I like balloons. It feels nice although really at the wrong age to start liking balloons. The cinema was decorated with balloons in conjunction with the movie.



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