Wrong Hole- DJ Lubel with Taryn Southern and Scott Biao

Warning: Do NOT watch if you’re under 18


Although the lyrics is rather crude and it would somehow seems wrong to be heard listening to this song (one reason why I took such a long time before reviewing this song) the music is good. The flow of the song is smooth and the singers sang well. You need to be really open minded and have a good sense of humour to enjoy the song. It has potential to be on the music charts one day but I cannot imagine walking down malls and hearing it over the sound system or through the radio while driving. I guess this is the time where one have to make judgement based solely on your own principles, there is no right or wrong though I doubt parents would like to have their kids listening to this song. Perhaps it is because no one sings songs related to this topic publicly but I guess there’s always a first in our ever changing world.I would rate it a 9/10.

I love the tune, it even got stuck in my head for days.

Bits of information:

I have yet to find details about DJ Lubel except that he uses facebook and that he has sang other songs such as Asian Girls, I Miss Moranis, and The Murray Hill song.

Taryn Southern on the other hand has her own official webpage. She writes, produces and stars in entertainment series. For more information, visit  http://www.taryn-southern.com/Bio.html


6 Comments Add yours

  1. kkin says:

    “everynight I sneaked into the wrong holeee huhhhuuuuuu”
    i cant believe you’re posting this =.=

    1. Judy says:

      Lol…if I am a guy and posted it, it wouldn’t be weird…
      Anyway its just a review and the music is good, I give them credit for that.

      1. kkin says:

        its “stuck” not sneak lolx
        i watched it again ..
        nice lyrics there ahaha

      2. Judy says:

        yup I was too kind to correct it =P
        Anyway omg you’re addicted to the song. LOL

  2. kkin says:

    bad listening skills i have
    lol thanks anyway =x

  3. KP says:

    Kk… You need to see a doctor soon lor ^^
    Hey, Not all the men are that inaccurate !

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