A Whatever Life- Haylie Duff

Firstly, no that is not a spelling mistake, if you’re wondering. It is Haylie Duff.

Who is she, you may ask. If you have not put one and two together, she is the sibling of the person you might think I am confusing with, Hilary Duff.  

A lot of people have commented that Haylie Duff only became famous because of her sister, I do not deny that as popularity is not an easy road to pave.


However, from listening to this song, I can say that she sang well. A 7/10 for this song sang for the movie Stuck in the Suburbs. Good lyrics that serves as a reminder to many us that are living a whatever life. We should definately

Live for the sake of living
Love till your heart is breaking
Give your all and don’t hold back,
 tell the truth and don’t forget to laugh till your body’s aching
Cry till your hands are shaking

Wherever you go, whatever you do don’t live a whatever life

Bits of information:

As the older sister of a celebrity, it is not hard to be overshadowed especially when you look almost like a carbon copy. However, Haylie has gone a long way in the music and movie industry. Unknown to many of us, she has acted in 7th Heaven, That’s so Raven, Lizzie McGuire and Hairspray. She also sang the song Sweetest Pain in the Raising Helen soundtrack.

Therefore, I think it would not be fair to judge Haylie as just another girl who got her way through because of connections and family ties. Without talent, there’s no way you can get far no matter how much help you get along the way.


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