Up Up Up- Rose Falcon

This is dedicated to all my friends out there who are still having examinations. May it be a motivation.


9/10. Lovely song that just gives you the beat to get moving. There may be loads of way to interpret a song but right now for any of you peeps out there who may have reached your limit and feel like giving up, don’t. Don’t ever quit, get UP UP UP!  The lyrics say it all. It makes me all motivated just to realise its a bit too late since my exams are all over but oh well, exams will come sooner than I think.

Bits of info:

It is strange how familiar this song is yet this is the first time I actually came to know the title and the singer when I was YouTubing Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

She is a New Yorker and some songs she has written are included in the soundtracks of Master of Disguise, Raising Helen, Dawson’s Creek, and Inspector Gadget 2.

What else can I say bout Rose Falcon besides what she has already quoted in her webpage http://www.rosefalcon.com/bio.html is that I agree with her that every song should have a story that people can relate to.


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