Fight for kisses

We’ve all heard of children fighting over parents’ love but did you know that children and fathers both fight for a mother’s/wife’s affection? What about for kisses?


I’m not sure if this video is actually an advert to promote shaving cream or some new video game, but it is trully well done with humour and suspense in it. 8/10

Food for thought:

1. A kiss is an act of endearment to express love, gratitude, passion, affection, respect, greeting and goodluck by touching one’s lip to another person or object.

2. The word originated from Old English cyssan “to kiss” and coss “a kiss”.

3. Animals’ display of  licking and grooming behaviour among themselves as well as towards other species and humans are often interpreted as a type of kissing.


4. There are various kinds of kissing such as air kiss, eskimo kiss, french kiss and Judas kiss, just to name a few.

5.  Kissing has health benefits. Increasing the frequency of kissing in marital and cohabiting relationships was found to result in a reduction of perceived stress, an increase in relationship satisfaction, and a lowering of cholesterol levels.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tom Baker says:

    I’m all for it. I’d rather kiss than eat. I almost said breathe, but that would be ridiculous.

  2. chiayuen says:

    hahahahaha fight for kisses. is that a movie??
    hmmm… father never take care of children but jealous about kisses??
    what a father lol

  3. KP says:

    It’s all down to the natural instinct, and of course the guy being a woosp to jeolous the kid.

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