Vienna – Billy Joel


9/10. Lovely song that just keeps you addicted to it, not too saddening but with nostalgic lyrics enough to hit you hard with realisation . Soothing song that makes you embrace life, making every second counts and not rush through it.

 What’s on my mind:

The song speaks alot about most of us, how when we were little, we wanted to grow up and take control of our lives, to be adventurous and daring, yet as we grow older each day, we wish we can turn back time and be a kid, without a care in the world.

 Or for some, who are stressing out about studies, wanting to be the best with excellent grades, thinking that as long as they do well, the future will be relaxing but how true is that? Are you willing to guarantee that once you get all As or all HDs you won’t stop rushing through life, working your ass off in the workforce?

 Why not balance out your time instead of waiting till you’re old and too  weak to enjoy life, why not spend few hours a week just to catch up with your family members or friends instead of regretting what could have been? Worries and problems never end, they will continue on from your student life to when you are in the workforce till marriage and till you have kids and grandchildren. They are a part of life so why not go through it with a smile on your face instead of a frown?

A piece of advice, to youngsters out there, do not make the same mistake and for those who have already made the mistake, do not continue making it, live life to the fullest now before you grow older and older. Take a break, spend time with people who matter, laugh out loud, do not live hanging on phonecalls, sms, facebook or msn, make a fool of yourself and just relax. If it is important, it will wait for you and if those people matter, they will care enough to want you to enjoy life. Afterall “why take life seriously, no one gets out alive anyway?” quoted from Kai Kin =P


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Song Qiang says:

    Well post. But to me, I am trying to face anything it comes. I follow the flow and not resist of my body. If my body can handle the stress and tiredness, then I will go ahead. If not, I will quit and not forcing myself. That is my rule of thumb.

  2. Celine says:

    I like this!!
    Besied we all are going to die in 2012 anyways…might as well live it to the MAXIMUM FULLEST right!!
    I am joking about the 2012…but you know what I mean.
    I think thats so right, I used to want to be able to take control of stuff of my life. But now, coming closer to being 20 in 2 months, I wish I made the most of my teenage life. I didn;t do much and regretting it.
    But the best we can do now, is not look back, and make the best of whats left isnt it??

    Gosh, I am toooooo old-fashioned and granny like as usuall ^_^

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