Google search


Google images search



making it so much easier to use

it is definitely user friendly

you can view tons of pictures at one time

without having to click and click to go through tens of pages

nor do you have to click on the picture

you THINK looks nice

to get a zoomed-in view

or enlarged view

all you need to do is just hover over the images

and tada…

you get everything you need

Sounds simple?

Go ahead and try it out

type in a picture you are interested in

or a topic that catches your eye

Have fun~


I find this breakthrough really mindblowing

weird it may seem

but it is way cool

imagine what else we could and would come up with


6 Comments Add yours

  1. WanLu says:

    interesting… =D

    1. Judy says:


  2. blackbutterfly says:

    nice catch! I never knew they changed how the imaging thing works on google.

    1. Judy says:


  3. blackbutterfly says:

    judy judy judy!
    So quiet these days!
    Too busy ar? *chop chop*

    1. Judy says:

      Yup have been really busy these days… so many inspirations yet lacking time to write them down.

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