Delta Dawn- Tanya Tucker



9/10. I first heard this song on Friends when Monica sang it a piano bar and was immediately attracted to the song. It is such a simple song sang perfectly, there was no need for lyrics to understand what was sung. Not many of us would appreciate songs like this at our age but I do have a knack for oldies.It is a song that touches the soul, makes one feel melancholic even though you might not know the meaning of the song.

Bits of information:

Many of us have heard of Taylor Swift but how many us youngsters know Tanya Tucker? Both of them are American country music artist though from different eras who made a name for themselves at a very young age. This song was the first hit for Tanya Denise Tucker who was only 12 at that time. She soon became one of the few child performers to mature into adulthood without losing her audience.

Delta Dawn is a song written by former child  rockabilly star Larry Collins and songwriter Alex Harvey and was a #1 hit for Helen Reddy in 1973. The title character represents a faded southern belle, Dawn Parsworth who waited for days for a man who had stood her up after promising to marry her. She was later admitted to Brownsville asylum after becoming mentally ill from that event. Now I know why I feel sorrowful after listening to the song.


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  1. Kathytanya says:

    Tanya has fans from all age groups. Tanya became a superstar at age 13 and she is still a superstar at age 52. Tanya will still be performing when these newcomers are gone and forgotten.

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