Toothbrush holders


How many of us actually use a toothbrush holder? I admit I have never given it much thought until I came across an article regarding a product, Flipper introduced by ORCA.The quirky yet innovative toothbrush protector cum holder caught my eye due to its design. It is a one-touch mechanism that flips open and shuts automatically in response to the gentle tug or push of the toothbrush.

Not only is it cute, the thing that kept it in my mind is because it suddenly dawned upon me how unhygienic it is without a toothbrush holder. I might be able to overlook airborne germs and bacteria but the thought of occasional bathroom visitors such as geckos and cockroaches eek me out. The more I think bout it, the more I want to get one and protect my toothbrush. However, I’m not sure how hygienic it is to shut it in a protector without giving it a chance to dry out after each brush. Perhaps someone who has used it before can give me feedback or I will review it if i eventually get one.

It is retailing from RM 12.90 to RM 17.90 and available at HOMING, Isetan, SOGO, JUSCO, Popular, Metrojaya, ACE Hardware and Aussino, practically everywhere convenient to most Malaysians.

Here are a few more stylish designs:


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