Remember When- Alan Jackson

Came across few good songs in the past few days and have been putting blogging them but this is one I can’t resist.


A perfect score and coming from me, that’s a first!

Not many of us young adults have heard of Alan Jackson but trust me, this song is beautiful. It just touch right into your heart, leaving many listeners nostalgic and teary eyed. It may sound familiar to most of us though not a song that immediately ring a bell in our head the moment we hear it but this is a song that we appreciate when we come across it while watching movies. A song that completes a scene, somehow sad yet happy at the same time, full of memories of the past and dreams for the future.

If you are wondering which movie featured this song, let me let the cat out of the bag. It was in both the Notebook as well as Up! Both great movies which without this song would have been incomplete.

I am one of the ignorant young adult that have never heard of Alan Jackson’s name before until I came across a video of his song on facebook and doing some research online, I feel that I just have to share this with all my loyal readers

10 facts:

1. He is an American country music singer

2. He has been in the music industry for more than 20 years

3. He has sold more than 50 million albums and had 34 #1 hits

4. He prefers writing sad stuff and something that he can visualise yet people can relate to

5. Although he has won plenty awards for his songs, he didn’t seemed to have won one for this song which is weird since it is so fantastic but then perhaps it just means that his other songs are even better, meaning I have more songs exploration to do.

6. He is coming to Australia next year! *excited much*

7. Sadly for me, his show in Sydney is sold out but there’s a new show in Hunter Valley on March 6.

8. Tickets for his show in Brisbane March 12, added due to high sold out in a mere 23 minutes!

9. His other four sell-outs- shows in Melbourne March 4, Sydney  March 7 and the first 2 Brisbane dates, March 10 and 11 was sold out in under an hour when they went on sale last Friday!

10. His official website is and the Australian tour website is


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