It is typical to expect improvement to come with change. Afterall things or people normally change for the better. I’m not speaking of a change that is forced upon us, in which case we do not have a choice and thus are not doing it willingly. I am talking bout a remake, a transformation or a modification, as we would do after we get bored of being the same, wanting to make more progress and to achieve something more.

But unlike other business, I do not think the online community seems to understand the meaning of difference. Not all of course, but a few that I have come across seems to be going backwards with change instead of moving forward.

Well as known to most internet users, Facebook has been making some minor changes and none seemed to settle right with its users. As much as I like, I will not going into details bout the changes they made previously but will be focusing on recent changes.

The shrinking of fonts have not received any pleasant feedback from users. Afterall what were they thinking when they made it so tiny? Not only is it bad for the eyes in the long run, it becomes a strain for those of us who are already wearing spectacles and having trouble reading normal font pages. Besides that, have they considered the not-so-young users out there who are using facebook? Facebook has become a platform used by many to connect and keep in touch with their family members and friends all over the world and even parents are trying to learn and keep up-to-date. It wouldn’t be a surprise if we find our grandparents picking it up too! So what is facebook trying to do by pushing away new users?

Next is the ‘friends on chat’ feature. It is innovative how it shows the picture of the people available for chat together with their status. But honestly I much prefer the previous feature without the icons. This new feature only shows 20 friends for chat and is randomly selected between online and idle users. So to look for the friends I want to chat with, I still have to click on the chat icon on the bottom right corner. Therefore, is there any advantage of having this new feature?

Third is the new ‘see friendship’ feature which have been getting negative feedback from users. I have yet to fully explore this new feature so I don’t really see where the complains are coming from. I felt it was quite a change to the previous ‘wall-to-wall feature’ although the new name doesn’t really appeal to me. However I do have trouble accessing it as it is only available on certain status but not all, or perhaps I just have not learnt how to use it but then again if I can’t access it, how do I learn?

All in all, I think it is really of a good intention to want to make a change, to be creative and innovative, to attract more users by revamping the site and adding new elements but Facebook should really get down to some serious thinking and consider what is it they aim to get out of making it different. If it is just for a change, then I would say they have reach their goal but if it is to improve, then they have a long way to go. However if they do not have an aim, I would think of it as a waste of resources and time unless they are just trying out in which I would recommend them to keep away from, to avoid making users unhappy and probably having a negative impact in the long term.


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