2 years on a toilet?

A woman sat 2 years on her boyfriend’s toilet that her skin had actually grown around it!

She was found sitting on the toilet with her sweat pants down to her mid-thigh by the police after her boyfriend called in for help. They had to pry the toilet seat off and sent it together with her to the hospital.

According to the police, she was ‘somewhat disoriented’ and her legs looked like they had atrophied.

She was just somehow physically stuck by her body. She was not glued nor tied.

A lot of questions came into the picture such as :

1. whether she was mistreated by her boyfriend

2. why it took him two years to call for help

3. why she didn’t want to leave the toilet

The mystery on my mind is,

how can she stand sitting on the toilet for 2 years?

Wouldn’t her butt and legs feel numbed?

Wouldn’t she be tempted to stand up and stretch?

although,  the first thing that came into my mind when reading the article was

Wow, her skin actually grew around the toilet bowl!?! How come there’s no picture of it anywhere? I wanna see how it looks!


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