A village of more than 166 people?


It is a 66-year old man with 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren!

Zonia is a man with the world biggest family. He lives in Mizoram, a village in India, with his family, all under one roof in a 100-room, 4-storey house named Chhuanthar Run( House of New Generation). He comes from a religious sect, Chana which allows polygamy. He is the head of the family and according to his wife, the most handsome man in the village.

Ziona Channa's family mansion

How does he handle such a large family and wouldn’t problems such as jealousy and family feud pop up

According to his wife, Huntharnghanki, the entire family gets along well and the family system is based on “mutual love and respect”. The family is organised with military discipline, with the oldest wife organising her fellow partners to perform household chores. There is even a rotation system for who visits Ziona’s bedroom and an arrangement of having the youngest women near his bedroom with older members of the family sleeping further away.

How much does it take to feed the whole family

30 chickens are plucked, 59.8kg of potatoes peeled and 99.7kg of rice boiled for an evening meal.

Will he change his way of life
At his most prolific, Ziona married 10 women in a year and says he has not stopped looking for new wives even though his sect has 4,000 members.

“To expand my sect, I am willing to go even to the US to marry,” he said.

The reason for family expansion

One of his sons insisted that Ziona, whose grandfather also had many wives, married the poor women from the village so he could look after them.

A thought

I wonder if his children or grandchildren will continue on this tradition/culture.

My views

Although I do not support polygamy, if it helps the poor in the village, then I do not have any objections as long as he can continue to sustain it. Besides that, it is important that he is fair to all 39 wives and does not take sides with his children nor make them feel left out. Afterall with a family this big, it would be hard to give 100% attention to all members of the family. I wonder if he even remembers all their names.

I would definitely wish him luck in case family jealousy and feud occurs since it is common in families, especially large ones. An example would be fighting for family wealth.

Your views

If you have any differing views bout this,  or even supporting ones, please leave comments on this post so that a constructive discussion can take place.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jahanzeb says:

    He found true love 39 times O_O

    He should write a dating advice book for guys like me >>

  2. civictyper says:

    oh i thought its in unsw village . that sounds a little :L

    1. Judy says:

      You thought village has 166 people?
      What does :L stands for?

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