Have you heard people complaining over and over again bout tiny little things that happened to them or are you one of them?

Maybe this will change your perceptions of life…and help make it easier to handle the downside of life

This girl did not let her disability stop her from doing what she wants to do- playing piano. With no fingers on one hand, she still played the music pieces so well. I am one person with no music background because I could never pick it up, I was slow and could never play chords. It took me ages just to read the notes on the scores and so I readily admitted defeat – admitted that playing musical instruments was not a thing for me, that I just wasn’t talented. But perhaps all I needed was a little faith in myself and perseverance like this girl here.

But then again, perhaps she really is talented unlike me?

Putting that aside, this video makes me feel blessed for all I have.


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