Red, white, blue

Isn’t this pretty cool?

I wonder how they came up with this! Using simply the Norway flag to come up with 7 different flags in total. This surely makes remembering the different flags for each country simpler. I used to have such a hard time playing Geo Challenge because I can never retain the knowledge of the different symbols or colours. I think I will still face the same problem now if I am to attempt the game. If pointed a gun to my head and asked to identify the flags, I wouldn’t be able to do much to save myself. Afterall, in my defense, don’t they all look pretty similar?

My brother was really good at Geo Challenge or rather most guys are pretty good with country names, flags and emblems. I would love to attribute this to the fact that they watch the FIFA World Cup or play the video game. Afterall, all that action and rooting for different teams will surely ensure that they know their teams best!

I used to feel pretty disheartened at my lack of general knowledge about matters like these. However now with this picture, hopefully it will help me eliminate a handful of flags out of the 257 known world flags.

While writing this post, I decided to take on a new challenge. I will post the flag of one country in every post I do daily not only for my own benefit but for all my readers out there to be more aware of it as well. Perhaps at the end of this challenge, I will be able to beat my brother at Geo Challenge!


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