US- flag influence


Yesterday I mentioned that the US flag as the largest flag in the world and while researching I realised that the US flag has been a great influence in terms of design and colour on a few other flags around the world.

US Flag

The first and closest in similarity with the US flag is the Liberia(Africa) flag

Liberia Flag

Next would be the flag of Chile(South Ameria) which has the same colours and design without the stripes.

Chile Flag

Puerto Rico’s flag from Central America and Caribbean comes third. Of course, Puerto Rico is a territory of the US with Commonwealth status so it is not a surprise that the flag is influenced by the US flag.

Puerto Rico Flag

Last but not least is the Malaysian flag, the flag of my home country.  Although the design is based on the US flag, there is the discrepency in the colour of the star and the fact that there is a crescent moon, symbolizing Islam religion in the country.

Malaysia Flag



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