The White House

UNSW Kensington Campus
Fig Tree Precinct, Gate 4 High Street Kensington Australia 2052
Tel: (02) 9358 5388

On Thursday, Crystal, Wendy, Audrey and I frequented The White House for lunch. It was our very first visit there although it has been opened to the public for awhile now and to think that we live in that vicinity!

  I was really impressed with the interior design. The place had a homely feel to it. We felt as though we could just hang out and chat there for hours- and we did!

  We decided to order wedges for entree and 2 pizzas to share amongst the four of us. There was a variety of pizzas to choose from and besides Margherita and Supreme, the rest of them had really unique names like Bosh, Piju, Silver Fox, Dolph, Aragorn, Johnson and Bernard. It took awhile before we decided upon Dolph and Johnson. Dolph somehow sounds like dolphin doesn’t it?


The wedges ($6) was a really large serve and by far the best wedges I had in a very long time.

Johnson Pizza
Johnson Pizza

Johnson pizza($10)- Prosciutto, rocket, cherry tomato and parmesan

Dolph Pizza

Dolph pizza ($10)- Bacon, ham, chorizo, onion, salami

In my opinion, the food is affordable for students to have for lunch on campus and a good alternative for students living on campus that are tired of cooking. The pricing is reasonable if compared to pizzas at the quad and the relaxing ambience will prove to be the place students and lecturers alike would take refuge in to chill or hang out.

Before we left, they started hanging up Christmas ornaments as decorations. Looks lovely!

Chick display at the counter. Very life-like

One final photo before we step out of the cosy restaurant into the rain.

Food- 3/5

Ambience- 5/5

Service- 4/5


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennissa says:

    havent been there before, but judging from the pictures here, this place is definitely worth a visit! will try it out very soon! A very nice post btw and the food looks delicious too!

    1. Judy says:

      Thanks Jennissa! Yes it is certainly worth the visit!

  2. crystal says:

    enjoyed that afternoon with you girls a lot! perhaps we should get Jennissa to The White House again in any chance. Nice blog btw! Great job! 😀

    1. Judy says:

      Thanks Crystal. Yes, we should go there again but with Jennissa this time!

  3. Chee Yang says:

    Restaurant looks nice! =)

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