Endless Worry

I am a worrier. I admit it. I can worry about anything and everything. But then again, you have to agree with me that the cycle of worry is never ending. When we are young, we worry about getting good grades and being an all rounder so that we can get into a good college and a good university. When we are in uni, we worry about doing well to get a good job. When we graduate, we worry about getting a job, regardless of what kind of job, just to survive and put food on the table. When we get a job, we worry if it is good enough and if it is what we want. And of course, there will be worries about doing well and not getting fired.

But right now I am in the middle of worrying about housing, where to move to and how to move.

Oh how I wish I can just let the worries slide off my shoulders but I know that it wouldn’t do any good not to face problems or find solutions to them, after all no one is going to do the worrying for you and settle your problems.

However I do know that everything will work itself out eventually and in time. But I do like to know that I have everything under control, despite nothing can actually be totally planned out. And even though it is hard having to think through the various options, from plan A to plan Z- at least every option has been thought off and would not come as a total surprise and catch me off guard.



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