Flash Mob Aisle 10

This video literally melted my heart. Despite having watched numerous different wedding/marriage proposals before, online or in movies, from the simple to the grand, this one touched my heart most. Simple yet full of emotions from all participants, such pure joy- seeing friends and family members dancing to the song, Somebody Loves You by Betty Who.

I think the song itself has an impact on me- Somebody Loves You, this is a proposal that not only declares the love of the proposer but the love of everyone in their lives, who are there to show their support.

The other thing that made this special is this is the first same-sex marriage proposal I have seen. I have to admit I was pretty shocked in the beginning of the video – seeing a guy being brought into the scene. I was thinking- is this a different kind of proposal where ladies propose to guys?

It gives me hope to know that people still strive for what they believe in and that love is equal. I know marriage equality is still a well-heated and debated topic- but I believe that if two parties love each other, that is all that matters.



1. Betty Who is from Sydney.

2. She is the same age as my brother- such talented young singer.


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