04 0193 xxxx: Hi i wonder do u have room still available?

me: Yes. Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

04 0193 xxxx: I am ok dont worry. I may need bit of favour its up to u


What went through my mind:

I was like WHAT THE! (excuse my language, I just tell it as it is) You are texting to enquire about a room and already you are asking for favours? Who do you think you are? Even acquaintances don’t come around asking for favours. And what do you mean by you are ok? Let me be the judge of that- all you have to do is answer my question… (facepalm)

It’s no big deal but I am truly horrified by people’s communication skills these days. Anyhow, I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he is not too skilled in English language. Gave him a call last night and he came to inspect the room today – and to my horror, without even coming to a conclusion if he was going to rent the room (or if I was going to rent the room to him), he just sat down on the bed and started negotiating/haggle the rent to even lower than my advertised price and he wanted the room for 2 person!

Don’t you have manners boy? You are a guest in a house, you don’t sit unless invited to and not when your host is still standing!

Oh boy!


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