Dae Jang Kum

35 Goulburn Street
Tel: (02)9211-089035

Met up with Kevin, Jean and Wing for dinner at Dae Jang Kum yesterday as Wing hasn’t tried it before. I think it is probably my fourth time there. Since there were 4 of us, we ordered BBQ (my favourite)- pork belly with kimchi and marinated chicken.

We were served complimentary side dishes of fish cakes, potato, pasta, some shoots, kimchi and pickled vegetable (we just dug in-no photos) which can be refilled. There was even a push button at the table which we could use to get attention of the waiter/waitress when we needed more refills and trust me, we used it plenty of times!

Pork belly and kimchi
Pork belly and kimchi- $35

The photo might not do justice to how good the thinly sliced pork looks before being cooked. Just from the reddish-pinkish colour of the meat, is enough to make my mouth water knowing how fresh it is. I really enjoyed the barbecued pork belly, minus the fats, especially after being dipped into the sesame oil with salt. It was just yums- exactly how I love my Korean BBQ pork served. I think there was a tad too much of fat but it all went down into my tummy anyways- no wasting!

DJK Marinated Chicken
DJK Marinated Chicken- $30

The DJK marinated chicken took some time to cook and ended up something like a stew with plenty of sauce, not really BBQ style.


The marinated chicken was quite a big serve, there was even noodles at the bottom and black fungus too. The noodles were good, chewy but flavoursome. It is a nice dish but for me, BBQ pork belly still wins hands down.




Price – $$


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