Mushroom Season

While walking to work last Monday, I was pleasantly surprised by the view before me!

Seems like the heavy rainfall we have been getting has fostered the growth of mushrooms!


The above photos have brought about questions such as ‘does mushrooms look like that?’ or ‘is that a mushroom?’. 

It made me realised although almost everyone of us have eaten a mushroom, hardly any of us from Gen Y have actually seen mushrooms grow. This is probably something so natural to Gen X that they may have taken it for granted and not thought about sharing it with the younger generations.

Mushroom blooming…

Glad I managed to get this final photo that nearly shows the full grown mushroom a week later because the very next day, someone mowed the grass and all mushrooms were gone T.T

Despite only for a brief period of time, I am thankful to have experienced this mushroom season and was able to photograph/document the growth/blooming of mushrooms and share it!

On a side note, I saw large quantities of birds around the field during this short period of time – I wonder if birds feeds on mushrooms…Does anyone know?

All photos taken with iPhone6. 


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