Chubby Hubby

8th of August 2017

This morning I posted a photo of my ’empty’ Chubby Hubby on Instagram along with my heartfelt caption and I thought why not blog about it.

Chubby Hubby – Vanilla malt ice cream with chocolatey peanut butter covered pretzels, fudge swirls and peanut butter swirls


11th of July 2017

When I came across an article on Broadsheet that Ben and Jerry would be giving out free ice cream to celebrate International Ice-Cream Day, I almost didn’t bat an eyelid. After all, Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day is an annual event in Sydney that brings crowds (although I have never been to one).

Upon a double take on the said article, it hit me that they are giving out free tubs of ice cream. Yes, you read that correctly – they are giving out TUBS –  20,000 to be exact, in celebration of this amazing day that was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan. Who knew the President cared so much about ice cream?

Of course, the main reason for this give away is that the brand was celebrating its new partnership with Foodora, a food delivery service that now delivers Ben & Jerry’s to our doorsteps. Besides Sydney, they will also be handing out free tubs in Melbourne and Brisbane.

15th of July 2017

I had brunch with an ex-colleague in the city and was thinking that we could collect some free ice cream since we were in the vicinity only to realise I made a mistake. The giveaway was meant to happen on Sunday for both venues (QVB and Manly Wharf). I am not sure why I thought it was on Saturday for QVB and Sunday at Manly.

16th of July 2017

I was slightly lazy to head to the city just to collect ice cream and so I dilly dallied at home for a bit. The giveaway started at 11 am and I arrived around quarter past. The queue was a mess – people were in multiple queues from different directions, circling the distributors. I randomly joined in a queue just to be told by a lady that we all needed to queue in just one line from the QVB side walk (along George street) much to the anger of individuals who were at the front of different lines. I decided to give up and go hunt for food instead as my tummy was rumbling.

After snacking, I thought of giving it another try since I didn’t have much to do in the city before heading home. I checked out the queue and it seemed to be moving relatively quick despite the queue being crazily long. I joined in and sure enough, it was soon my turn and I was given a tub of Chubby Hubby, which I have slowly savoured and enjoyed over the past month.

Although the giveaway included two different flavours – the caramel core Caramel Sutra and Chubby Hubby, we were not given the option to choose, much to the dismay of many, especially those who are allergic to peanuts. I totally understand their reasoning for not allowing choices as that would have slowed down the process of handing out the ice cream.

Overall, I think the giveaway was successful because of the following reasons which I am glad to learn and note for future use:

  1. They had a person responsible who took charge and got people to re-queue despite the possibility of causing displeasure
  2. They managed to maintain order at the venue to minimise disruption to the area and neighbouring businesses.
  3. Almost everyone received the ice cream in a fair manner (first come first served basis).
  4. Although I think that the queue should have been thought beforehand, right from the start before the giveaway started.
  5. They came prepared with enough stock so that the queue moved quickly without much wait time.
  6. They stuck to their policy of no choosing flavours which ensure that the whole process is just. If they allowed 1 person to choose even for a valid reason like allergies- more people would provide similar reasons to get a free-pass


I love the smooth dreamy malt ice cream and peanut butter swirls – can’t help but want more. I would have preferred my pretzels in smaller crunchier pieces although I am not sure how that is possible when it is mixed and frozen with ice cream which would make it soggy? Although I am not a fan of the huge chunks of pretzels, I do enjoy licking the chocolatey peanut butter covering off them.


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